DCM Inc. is family owned, multi-generational business that was established in 1983 and is located in Graham, Texas. This organization primarily operates in the manufacturing of Press Boxes for sports stadiums being built or renovated around the United States, as well as a few projects over seas.  


Founder, Steve Doyle, started his career as nothing more than a carpenters helper.  Working aside his mentor on a daily basis, Steve learned his trade by assisting in the renovation and construction of structures for a broad range of applications.  Once his experience was sufficient, it only made since to venture off to try and make his own mark in the world.  It didn't take long for his workmanship and professionalism to earn him a very good reputation in the construction industry.  

In no time, this reputation caught the attention of the countries largest bleacher manufacturer, Southern Bleacher Co.  Steve was invited to start traveling with their installation crews and building stadium Press Boxes in place.  Having traveled with the bleacher crews in the past and now having a family, he was't too interested in the offer and proposed the idea of building the press box on a steel substructure and shipping it to site.  This turned out to be beneficial to both parties and is now a model used by most of the bleacher manufactures in the US.    To this day, our relationship with Southern Bleacher is as strong as ever and they continue to be our top priority.  

Son, Brad Doyle, was groomed from the early age of 7 to follow in his fathers footsteps and is now the COO of DCM Inc..  Spending every summer at the shop and on job sites, it's no surprise that Brad would acquire a lot of his fathers skills, while also obtained a few of his own.  Where as Steve's passion lies with wood and carpentry, Brads would lie with Steel and fabrication.  

Being fascinated with the old TV show "Junkyard Wars", 12 year old Brad found his picture on the front page of The Graham Leader for a Mississippi style paddle boat that he build out of an old bicycle, some scrap steel, Styrofoam from an old dock, and a mig welder.   As large of an accomplishment  as it was, this was just the beginning of an unshakable passion for all things fabricated.

After graduating high school, Brad held the title of DCM's shop foreman for 10+ years before becoming the current Chief Operations Officer.



To provide our clients with the experience and resources needed to help design and construct projects for their specific needs. At each stage of construction/production, you will receive full-time consulting services from our team, as well as rigorous project monitoring, with responsive, courteous and professional support. Lastly, all of our projects are custom-built to meet each clients specific needs.