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Saving You Time and Money With Modern

Modular Construction!



Diverse Custom Modules is a division of Doyle's Construction & Manufacturing Inc. which was established in 1983 and is located in Graham, Texas. This organization primarily operates in the manufacturing of modular structures and fabricated steel products as well as the commercial construction industry.  Doyle's Construction specializes in manufacturing commercial press boxes for sports stadiums and constructing commercial structures while, Diverse Custom Modules specializes in the modular building industry.   Press boxes, however, are sold exclusively to the largest bleacher manufacturer in the country, Southern Bleacher Co.
We are well diverse in wood and steel construction, as well as, electrical, plumbing, siding, roofing, concrete, site preparation, estimating, contracting, creating/reading blueprints, and all other aspects of construction.  




To provide our clients with the experience and resources needed to help design and construct projects for their specific needs. At each stage of construction/production, you will receive full-time consulting services from our experienced team, as well as rigorous project monitoring, and responsive, courteous and professional support. Lastly, all of our projects are custom-built to meet every one of our clients initial specifications.


Modular Construction

No matter what type of building you require, it can be built faster, better, and more cost effectively when using modular construction.  

Modular construction uses the same materials and follows to the same building codes as traditional construction. The difference with modular construction is these materials are assembled, or “pre-built”, inside a manufacturing facility, controlling quality and cost.


  • Construction Offices

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Administrative & Management Offices

  • Security Offices

  • Dispatch Offices

  • Sales Centers

  • Engineering & Project Management Site Offices

  • Substation Offices

  • In-Plant Offices

  • Emergency Offices

  • Resort/Hotel rooms and condos

  • Remote job site housing for executives

  • Remote Office space

  • Elite Classrooms



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624 6th St.
Graham, TX 76450


E-mail: bdoyle@doylesmfg.com

Tel: 940 549 5517

Fax: 940 549 9438