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Meet the Team

Efficient Professionalism

Steve Doyle


Steve Doyle is the founder of DCM Inc. Steve was trained by a Master Carpenter and has been in the construction industry since 1982. He has managed construction projects of many types and sizes for a diverse array of clients. Steve is known for his ability to successfully develop, organize, monitor, and communicate stellar business ethics.


Brad Doyle

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Brad Doyle grew up in the construction industry, with accomplishments published in the local newspaper as young as 12 years old. He has been employed by Doyle's Construction and Manufacturing Inc for 14 years. With a broad range educational background, extensive experience in all aspects of the company, and an exuberant attitude, Brad leads the organization with passion and commitment.


Rhonda Doyle

Office Manager

Rhonda Doyle has a substantial background in management, administration, and finance.  She attentively handles everything in the office, from accounting to human resources with precision and a heart-warming smile.  Rhonda's preciseness and kind-hearted personality institute a delightful atmosphere in the office.


Lance Logan

Chief Production Officer (CPO)

Lance Logan has worked his way up in the company from assembly line, to welder trainer, to supervisor, and now CPO. He is a self-motivated, indispensable member of DCM Inc, providing his critical thought process with dedicated professionalism. Lance is always there to help keep the company moving forward.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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