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Doyle's Construction & Manufacturing Inc. is a family-owned, multi-generational business established in 1983 in Graham, Texas.  The primary product line is the manufacture of pressboxes for sports stadiums in the United States with some international projects.  DCM Inc.’s projects include both new builds and remodels.

Steve Doyle, founder and president, began his construction career as a carpenter’s helper.  He learned his trade working along-side his mentor in the construction and renovation of a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings.  Steve then ventured out on his own and established a small construction company that has grown into a larger construction and manufacturing business grounded in the production of bleacher and stadium pressboxes.  Steve earned a reputation for excellent workmanship and professionalism as he developed the company.  His good reputation was noted by Southern Bleacher Company, the largest bleacher manufacturer in the county.  He was propositioned by Southern’s bleacher installation crews to build on site.  Constant travel while raising a family lead to an innovation that is now used by almost all bleacher manufacturers; Steve proposed building the pressboxes on a steel substructure and shipping the completed unit to the stadium site.  This elegant solution led to DCM Inc.’s longstanding partnership with Southern Bleacher Company, DCM’s primary customer.

Brad Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, showed a keen interest in the family business from the age of 7.  Spending every summer in the shop and on job sites, Brad acquired many of his father’s skills while developing his specific interests.  Where as Steve’s passion is wood and carpentry, Brad gravitated immediately to steel and fabrication.  That dedication was used successfully as DCM Inc.’s shop foreman for more than ten years before assuming overall company management responsibilities.

An old TV show, “Junkyard Wars”, inspired 12-year-old Brad to design and build a Mississippi paddle boat with an old bicycle, some scrap steel, Styrofoam from an old dock and some MiG welding.  The paddle boat was celebrated on the front page of the Graham Leader.  The paddle boat was just the beginning of an unshakable passion for the intricacies of fabrication and design.  Since then Brad has acquired a substantial list of accomplishments, with so many more yet to come.

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